Bunka (culture in Japanese) is an effort to braid together craft, culture and textiles. Our label consists of fluid garments that imbibe a sense of effortless elegance through unique design detailing and impeccable product quality. At Bunka, our aim is to stir conversations and build a community through the medium of our clothes by evoking a sense of nostalgia amongst people across the globe. 
We think of ourselves as creators and curators rather than designers, here to serve our community, to tell stories, to present beautiful products and give great experiences. That’s truly our guiding light.
Curating cultures stands at the foreground of our ethos. And focusing on intricacy through the nuances of silhouettes, fabrics, detailing and so on, is at the core of our label. This understanding is seamlessly represented through our re-purposeful garments  which stand to make a statement over periods of time. 
With an endeavour to support the craft of Indian artisans and strengthen their livelihoods, our mission is to create unique possessions that translate cultures, old & new, into a modern way of living.